About Us

Rikon London was founded on a passion for sports cars which has stemmed from our director’s invaluable experience in the high end real estate field over the last 17 years. Since 1999 our founding Director Jag has handled over £250m in high end acquisitions for Ultra High Net Worth client’s luxury goods needs in a discrete and secure manner. Dealing with clients from all corners of the globe we have an exclusive client base in over 60 countries, enabling us to provide high end luxury items on a global scale and in a timely manner.

Based in Mayfair London, Rikon’s directors have a vast amount of experience in Supercars, from our very first client in 2012 and has since grown into a boutique independent company offering some of the most luxurious marques from our Mayfair site.

Clients now have the option to sell their Supercars directly to us quickly and discretely as well as using our SOR (Sale or Return service) in which we handle all aspects of the sale of their prestige marque.

“For us offering a professional bespoke service is paramount to growing our brand within London.”  Jag Sidhu, Director


Jag Sidhu

As the founding partner of Rikon London, Jag has always had a passion for Supercars. From his favourite brand McLaren to being heavily involved in Supercar events throughout the UK, he loves all things motoring! He studied in central London and set up his first business at 19. As he grew in London he went on to start a separate Real Estate firm with some of the strongest clients globally buying in prime central London. Whilst being a down to earth family guy, Jag has always dealt with the high net worth individuals and maintains strong relationships with all of his clients meaning many have become life long clients.